Rustic Country House

2300 sqft | 2018
New Delhi

An elegant country style residence located in a prime locality of Delhi is both contemporary and rustic. This warm and welcoming abode is designed to spread out a very raw organic yet modern vibe. This look and feel is carried out in the entire house with use of raw and natural finishes like wood, concrete and stone. A herringbone pattern designed with different shades stone is a flooring highlight of the drawing room. Wooden rafters in the most natural look and feel adorn the ceiling of the drawing room. Each furniture piece and artwork is carefully picked to enhance and complement the theme of the house. A single piece wood dining table in its true nature is an art piece in itself. A subtle colour palette is deliberately chosen to match the solidarity of wood.

Private zones are designed to reflect the personalities and needs of its inhabitant. The master bedroom is a huge space divided into zones for entertainment and rest. A wooden partition placed between these zones is equipped to make TV viewing possible in both zones through centre pivoted twisting panel.