12000 sq ft | Ongoing
Gurgaon, Haryana

Focused on designing an ergonomic space, the Amway Office in Gurgaon provides a comfortable and healthy working environment for their employees. The entire design revolves around the minimal use of bright pop colour complimenting subtle colour tone making the space informal and welcoming. The highlight green wall at the reception is a great design intervention to bring in green elements and freshness along with the furniture and upholstery adding color and pomp.

To make this office more open and relaxed, conference rooms are visually semi open. Wooden finishes all along the ceiling and walls add formality and a professional vibe. Since, this office is designed keeping the mind the comfort of the employees, the cafeteria is most intricately designed space. The Cafeteria is a free-flowing space with yellow highlights complimenting the furniture for a lighter mood. To further make this space brighter and airier, large window are provided with green ceiling highlights for sound absorption

The projection room is an open plan ceiling, with gypsum ceiling for sound absorption. The most used area, that is, the work stations are also planned based on an open plan approach. This free-flowing movement brings in positive energy with a calming colour balance and the use of plants for fresh air. The overall interior feel of this corporate space is not to corporate and a much-loved space by the employees.

Private zones are designed to reflect the personalities and needs of its inhabitant. The master bedroom is a huge space divided into zones for entertainment and rest. A wooden partition placed between these zones is equipped to make TV viewing possible in both zones through centre pivoted twisting panel.