A Neutral Ensemble

3000 sq ft | 2019
New Delhi

This 3000 sft. dwelling space in Delhi makes the perfect use of neutral colour palette. To bring out the best in the formal living space, the neutral palette is embellished with gold highlights, bespoke chandeliers and fittings. The lobby area is an open casual spaceĀ is designed with a highlight wall creating patterns with use of mirror. In addition to a L shaped sofa, unique artsy lighting fixtures create interesting shadows to build a character of this space. For adding a personal touch to this space, an intelligently designed bar with sleek styling and the criss-cross design for wine storage adds up to the thoughtful design.

The private spaces such as the bedrooms adorn a more personal style of the owner. Where one room is designed with natural finishes and a heavy use of wood for panelling, the other is a more regal and luxurious with the use of lacquered wood. Spacious and interesting ceiling design is another check mark to the sensible design strategy.